Friday, May 7, 2010

LOAD and a pest

I'm participating in LOAD again. I'm at a point where I prefer spending money on experiences than stuff, so I enjoying paying a "club fee" to enjoy the company of fellow insane women trying to complete a layout a day.

I've discovered the best thing for me to do is this: plan the page the night before, begin cutting the next morning waiting an interminable amount of time for my boys to get dressed, and then finish it up and photograph it when I get home from work.

The biggest problem involves photographing my layouts. Today, for example, here's what I encountered in photograph 1:

Yep, that's my cat. She gets lonely when I'm gone all day, and she gets miffed if the first thing I do is scrapbook then photograph. Thank goodness she didn't jump on the layout.

This is problem photograph 2:

Hard to see, but look at the rub-on doily. That is a cat hair left by my cat. Nice.

Finally photograph 3:

This one didn't turn out so great because it is raining hard and the lighting is horrid.

Despite the photo antics of the weather and my cat, LOAD is providing a lot of fun in a somewhat gloomy May here in Minnesota. How gloomy? We're supposed to get snow tonight.



at the Blue Barn said...

pest? or assistant?
love it!

alexandra s.m. said...

I really enjoyed your post jenny and your page is gorgeous!
Love these earthy tones.
Thanks for the giggle once again and good luck with the LOAD although knowing how productive you are I'm certain you'll do wonders ;-)


Diana said...

I still wish I had a cat... now I just have kids to mess up my photos of my LOs (smile)

joanna said...

So funny! I can relate, although my "pest" can't jump on layouts (she's the canine kind), but she would if she could.

Leeza898 said...

SNOW!!! Did I just read that right? I have to blink my eyes couple of times to make sure am reading it LO Jen, as usual. I'm seriously considering doing LOAD too. BTW, I may not comment a lot here but just to let you know that you're very inspiring and am one of your lurkers. Thanks Jen for your wonderful blog.