Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspired by coffee

To be honest, I get scrapbook inspiration from scrapbooking and few other places. I just can't look at something--a pillow, let's say--and think, Heck, that would make a great page design. Not to look down on anyone who does; I truly admire that ability. I, however, lack that gene.

Amazingly, I was inspired by a coffee cup when I went to Caribou Coffee the other day. So inspired I kept the cup, marked the cup, and used what I marked as journaling on a page.
Here's a link to the Caribou home page; you can see, on the first flash, what is on the cup: lots of life maxims. Some I'd heard before, but others were new to me. I collected the ones I liked as my journaling.

To make the page, I combined Stacy Julian's color challenge and an assignment at my hybrid class at Big Picture Scrapbooking (add 2 or more layers to a photo; I added a frame and some grunge textures). I sorted through my small scraps basket for colors I liked, then put it together into a design I like and use often: strips of patterned paper with a larger block. This started 12 x 12, then I trimmed it to 8 1/2 x 11 because it seemed better that way. I also inked the letters, then smudged it to match the distressed feel to the papers. Actually, no--I smudged the pen accidentally on a couple letters, then smudged the rest on purpose. Should've used a slick writer on foam, I guess.

I wasn't sure about using the textures on a picture of my face. Truthfully, do you want people to look at your face and think texture? Not I. Still, I like how it warmed my face (and hid my rosacea), even though my eyes aren't as blue as they normally are.


BabyBokChoy said...

Well, there goes that idea of mine that I thought was oh so original! LOL! I just haven't forked over the money to buy a caribou yet since they got the new cup, but believe me, I STARE at them in meetings when others hold theirs, LOL. pathetic no?? staring and reading and thinking about scrapping in meeting all because of a Caribou cup! LOL

Steff said...

I love that cup! I think I'm getting some inspiration from it, too! But generally I'm like you---inspired by sbing and not much else. You are one of my biggest inspirations, though! brown eyed girl

stacyjulian said...

Thank YOU.
I am so going to do a page, just like this.

Interestingly, we both used the same AC letter stickers on our yellow + green layouts -- fun!