Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wants and Needs

Rowan brings home work from school almost every day. We enjoy looking at it and talking with him about it. Most gets recycled, some gets kept, and a few, a precious few, get photographed and immortalized on the web.

Like this one:

Can you see what he colored red for needs? Yep, that would be the basics that a human cannot live without: food, shelter, clothes, TV.

I feel a layout brewing...

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Leeza898 said...

Hi Jen,

First of all, this is Grace. We met here in Chicago back in Oct. during your husband's visit. I got your WONDERFUL GOODIES and I LOVE IT! I wanted to Thank you back then but I was having so much trouble logging in CK and ultimately gave up. The box with your addy was thrown away and don't know the name of your blog. Until one of the gals fr CK told me in FB about the new site. So signed up and I asked about you and right away Lilyscrapper pointed me.

Long story, but I just want to THANK YOU for the wonderful, yummy goodies you sent me. I LOVE IT!!!! Didn't expect that at all. Also want to let you know that I have always admire your layouts. Now, I'm bookmarking your page and will be stalking your blog.

Very nice work of your son. I have save my kids stuff myself. Some I scanned and put them in their school albums.

Take Care. Sorry for the long post.

Grace Collopy