Monday, February 15, 2010

This and That

1. Woke up Saturday morning to get the most perfect looking winter landscape. I'll replace my banner photo when I get the photo tweaked. ETA: I changed the banner photo. Isn't it gorgeous?

2. The Olympics are here! We leave the TV on all day, and the boys have become enamored with snowboarding (hasn't been on yet, but OK) and Nordic skiing. I'll post photos later of how they're demonstrating their love. ETA: Here's my athletes. Check out the sign at the end of the kitchen (I'm trying to ignore the fact that Rowan tacked it to the wall. My beautifully painted wall.):

3. Speaking of love, Derick took me to Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis for Valentine's Day. Wonderful menu. We're going back sometime, though without the boys again; the art is kind of creepy. It is Hell, though. What can you expect? ETA: Here we are at the restaurant:

4. My mom is here visiting. The boys are having much fun producing paper art for her and providing her with many photo ops. Dominic also loved her glasses. He insists he now needs some. He keeps putting on her glasses, then leaving them somewhere else. No wonder she keeps losing them. ETA: Here is Dominic, looking dapper in reading glasses.

5. Friday night Derick and I went to a Minnesota Wild game, our first hockey game. Tons of fun. We were very close to a goal, so saw some nice action. Alas, the Wild lost. Two dates sans kids in one weekend for us, though, so Derick and I won. Thanks, Mom, for babysitting!

6. I've made more than 50 layouts on my road to completing 100 without new product (except adhesive and basic cardstock, both of which I need to replenish). LOAD is helping a lot. I'll post layouts here later. ETA: Here's the layouts from the last few days:

This last one is based off this week's Sketchy Thursday sketch.

7. Why not post now? We are in the midst of changing computers. My old PC was so full of photos, it w o r k e d s o s l o w l y . . . So we replaced it with a Mac. After leading me through many Socratic dialogues to help me understand how he was right, Derick has purchased software to migrate our old files onto the new computer. The problem may be Windows: the newest form (the only one we can buy) may now work with PSE 7, which I'd just bought last year. We just tried installing the old PSE on the Mac, so I'll see later today if it works.

What this means for me...I'm using the new computer for writing and surfing and posting, but I'm using the old computer for editing. Twice the process means twice the time. Ergo, I will post photos to accompany this post later today!

ETA 8. Rowan lost another tooth randomly yesterday. So this is what he looks like now, post-haircut:


sillypea said...

Love your 2 page LOs! And your new banner is very pretty!

Briana said...

The new banner is great! I noticed the same thing Sat. little guy said everything looked "bootiful." I love it when it is all white like that. Congrats on the 50 layouts- that's amazing! I don't have that kind of willpower...

Tessa Buys said...

What a wonderful, happy, busy family you have! My son announced that he is going to do the luge in the Olympics some day :). Love the layouts!

Tessa, Sketchy Thursdays DT