Monday, January 4, 2010

Ugly paper

A while back, Alison M asked what I do to work with ugly paper. Here's the key:

Small doses.

Yes, it's easier to work with ugly paper if you cut it down to bits. I also think it's easier to deal with the pattern if you do the opposite of what it is like style-wise. For a linear, crisp patten, do something that breaks open the box. If it's wild, box it up with a linear design. Here was a linear design from the same paper line with crisp circles. A couple years ago I cut it apart and did something a little less boxy than I normally do:

To play around recently, I took a piece of old paper I got from a blog challenge. Seriously, it was in my "Donate to preschool" pile. It was filled with lost of random scratchy red and green and white lines on a blue background. Bu-sy! I cut it apart, used the backside a little too, and made this:

I like the end result. Not a paper I would have chosen otherwise, but still nice.


Jackie said...

way to challenge yourself - and I would never guess they were your ugly papers!

Diana said...

Ugly papers... what a concept! Why do you have ugly papers?!

Jennifer Larson said...

Blog candy, Diana. : - )

alisonm said...

wow, thanks again for the inspiration!

Diana said...

OK so I did a layout using ugly paper too! LOL