Tuesday, January 5, 2010

100 layouts, numbers 1-3

I've challenged myself to create 100 layouts without buying new supplies (excluding adhesive, neutral cardstock I run out of, and my Studio Calico kit, which I don't want to unsubscribe to). This weekend I got started on the first few:

I'm proud of the origami crane I stitched. To do it, I took a crane my son folded, traced it on the page, punched holes not too close together, then stitched. I erased as I went; I can never get the stitches to fully cover the pencil lines otherwise. And I'm also proud of my rediscovery of these Doodlebug letter stickers: I think their angles look vaguely Asian. Finally, I don't have tiny number stamps, so I used letters o and g to make "09."

This is my layout for my New Year's goals. I used the list from a previous post to generate ideas. The flowers are from a new Canadian company, Harmonie. Aren't they gorgeous colors? And I added some Stickles to the rubon flowers--hard to see.

Finally, some father-son bonding time over technology, in this case the iPhone playing cowbell. If you've never seen the SNL skit, go here to get the joke. It's funny...but IMO, men find it funnier.


Diana said...

Love the More Cowbell layout. Is it a bit different from what you usually do?
Great goal. Do you have a deadline for it?
I've also made some SBing goals, including a layout a day in February! Eek!

Briana said...

Love the origami layout- I agree...those alphas work so well! I also saw you quoted on Lizzy's Blog today!

Jennifer Larson said...

Wow, thanks, Briana! I'll go check it out. Love her stuff.
And Diana, I think with Cowbell I'm using less bright colors, but I think it suits the photos. I still "stripped"--used strips of paper--and built the photos like blocks. So it's a shift for me, but not totally different.

AmyInKy said...

Love the cowbell reference - that's a classic SNL skit!