Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In the Middle

I have one week left in the trimester after Thanksgiving. I also have about 60 memoirs, 60 portfolios, 70 comparison papers, and 70 final tests to grade. All by December 10.

(Deep breath)

So you can understand why I eke in iotas of scrap time, and how much that drives me nuts. I look at partially finished pages, dreaming of how I will finish them. Here's what's on my scrap space:

  1. The page about my friend and our trip to the sculpture garden. Almost done. I may finish it tonight.
  2. A page about my son and his violin. I leaned on the top and squished it (@!#$%), so I need to fix it and add journaling.
  3. A page about my husband and me. I love that one. I may submit it for publication.
  4. A huge photo I want to turn into a full page layout--12x12 photo. This may take time.
  5. A layout from last Christmas of me putting together the boys' toys. I'm stuck on that one. I like the start but am not sure how to finish it.
  6. A page about my mother-in-law and her immense talent in photography. She studied with Ansel Adams. No lie. I'm doing some elaborate stitching with it, but my goal is to finish this weekend.
  7. Two goofy pages--one of my husband winning "The Toilet Bowl" last year in his fantasy football league, and another of my older boy pretending to be an alien.
This list is a good example of how I scrap--I have many projects going, and I work on them a little at a time until they are done. Sometimes I have to abandon a project--dissatisfied with it, but I can do no more. When I'm stuck, though, I tend to do what I typically do on a page, which satisfies me. Done is done. And so I'm happy.

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alexandra s.m. said...

You have your plate full Jennifer and just to add to it a little more, a friend of mine directed me toward this blog and I thought of you!


Good luck with the work load!