Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good day

  • My dog, though she still chews her feet, pulls hard to walk around the block in the afternoon.
  • My mother-in-law's pancreatic cancer had clean edges, and it appears that it had not spread. Right now there is no chemo, just observations.
  • No behavior reports for the boys.
  • Rowan had been doing his homework at school so he doesn't have to worry about finishing it at home. (Really, I'm the worrier. I am awash in my children's elementary school paperwork.)
  • Dominic has taken to wearing his goggles all the time at home because he "sees better" with them on. Okay.
  • The first five memoirs I graded from my AP students were A's. I'm not an easy grader.
  • Derick and I spent the afternoon reminiscing about our favorite days, based on a page call from Scrapbook Trends (I didn't tell him that). You know what? He remembers the dress I was wearing when he first saw me. He even remembers where I bought it. What an amazing guy.

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