Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to the Thunderdome

When the Twins won Sunday, my husband and my dad got online and bought tickets. The game started early--4 P.M.--so I had to take the boys out of school early to get there. Traffic into the city was terrible--50,000 people entering the city at the same time is not a pretty sight. It was also raining, so I dropped my parents and the boys off and parked at the closest spot I could find: the Holiday Inn across 35W from the Dome. I ran to stay in the rain less, and about 5 blocks away I could hear the Dome. What a thrill.

(On my way in, I passed a couple dressed in what looked to be tiger striped polyester/spandex. Right then I wished for Detroit to lose just because of those criminal outfits.)

I got to our seats, food in hand. We were upper deck about 14 rows up behind 1st base. Terrific seats!

Detroit got off to an early lead, but the Twins/piranhas did what they do and kept chipping away. They tied it, they got the lead, Detroit tied it, until we got to the 9th, around which Detroit took the lead. Then we broke out the rally caps:

We lasted until the 10th inning finished, then my parents and the boys, weary, led the way out of the Dome. Again, we could hear them blocks away. Derick took my parents and Dominic in his car (he drove in from work in St. Paul), and I took Rowan across the highway to our car. We listened to the game on our way home, and let out two big cheers: once when Keppel got that terrific final out, bases loaded, and once crossing the Mississippi when Cassia got the game winning RBI.

New York, you are going down.


alexandra s.m. said...

Hehehe! How exciting for you guys! I wish you the BEST!
I feel a page coming soon with these fun pictures?!...

csewy said...

Sounds very exciting!!! I have only been to a couple of pro baseball games in my lifetime!! We could attend the Denver Rockies games, but we seem to find too many other things in the summer, it is also a 5 hr drive. I'm looking forward to seeing your layouts from these photos!!