Monday, September 21, 2009

May Day in September

Last spring my husband sent me an email while I was at work. I was on the computer working; he may not have been. After I got the email, I may have stopped working for a while to investigate because it was such a great deal: 80 bulbs, plus 80 free bulbs, plus free shipping, for about 10 dollars. WOW. This was from a company I'd never heard of, Bulbs Direct, but I was willing to spend 10 dollars to see what I got. So I did.

They came this week, a mix of four varieties of bulbs. I'm interested to see how they fare here; I'm mostly zone 4, but I have had some success with zone five, even one of the bulbs in this packet. For me, it was worth the 10 dollars just to see.

But 160 bulbs is a lot. Much more than I have room for. So this weekend, I assembled little packets like this:

I put some bulbs in the middle of the paper towel, wrote the name of the bulb on the towel too, and used garden twisties to close them up. I took the bag of packets to school and deposited bulbs on some coworkers' desks who I know garden. Sort of the autumn equivalent of May Day.

The big question in all of this, of course, is not whether the bulbs will make it through the winter. The big question is what the heck my husband was doing on a gardening website?

And for something completely magical, check out the chrysalis my son discovered in our garden:

The younger grades at his school focus on butterflies for science, raising caterpillars, observing the chrysalises (sp?), and tagging them, I believe, before they are set free. My tax dollars at work: the first Chrysalis I've seen in my garden ever. Worth it.

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