Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Granny

Today is my Grandmother's birthday. I am lucky to have her as a part of my life. She has influenced me in many ways:
  • Like Granny, I do needlecrafts, in particular cross-stitching. That is only one of the needlecrafts she can do. Her talents here eclipse me.
  • Like Granny, I garden. Though my borders and island beds impress my friends, those beds of mine pale next to hers; where she and my Grandpa lived for many years in Center City, she gardened an entire plot of land--acres, I think--across the street, in addition to her house gardens. And she cultivated house plants, for which I have somewhat of a black thumb.
  • Though my friends think I can cook, and in particular bake, my Grandmother is a master chef. Some of my best recipes come from her. And every Christmas, she would send out tins of cookies, their varieties revealing just how many batches she had baked. And given away.
  • My Grandmother is a voracious reader. I remember bringing books to her house when I visited her as I grew up, and she still reads, all kinds. I need to remember that, because when I get busy, what goes out the window? My reading. The book club I belong to has been sorely neglected this past year.
So as proud as I am of my accomplishments, I know that in part or whole they are there because I come from a family of amazing women. I look forward to visiting her again in the fall when my parents come out, and my boys look forward to visiting too, not least of which because she pushes them for rides in her walker.

Happy Birthday, Granny. I love you.

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