Friday, September 11, 2009

Giving pictures a home

When I make a LO, I almost always start with the photos. I have trouble putting them on the page helter-skelter, so I tend to group and grid them.

Where to put other "stuff"? I tend to put paper, embellishments, titles, and journaling around the photos in some way to give the photos a home.

On this first layout, I housed the photo on a small piece of patterned paper, embellished with strips.

I then added the title on top of the block and the journaling overlapping on the right.

For the next layout, I planned on gridding the photo, but to "contain" the photos on this expanse of white, I placed the photos on top of a rubon and enclosed the pictures with more page elements:

The elements include patterned paper, journaling, title, and butterflies. The butterfly path was a whim, but I'm glad I added it. I think it adds some literal movement to the page.


alexandra s.m. said...

great pages jennifer, I especially like the 2nd one, it's full of interesting elements and very whimsical indeed!

Jamsi said...

I too love the grideffect, but I rarely use it. It is definitly something I whant to try to incorporate in my pages too. It might need a slight shift in my process. The future will tell.