Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Building Blocks

My guys love Legos. Once the boys took apart their Daddy's Star Wars Legos (and almost caused him to explode, but that's another story), they ended up with an entire bucket of creative fun. They can spend hours building building building.

Taking their creativity to heart, I think you can build multiphoto pages the same way: pretend the photos are Legos and stack them.

Here's one layout where I did this:

I sort of stacked them kitty corner, doing something I almost never do: overlapping them.

On this next one, I sort of literally stacked them on top of one another:

After I stacked the pictures, I added strips of paper below and then a block for the title. (By the way, notice that over the last 10 years, I still put my sunglasses above my head in a photo. Some things never change.)

This last one stacks side by side with common margins:

Now, I know it's trendy right now to scrap full 4x6 photos, but I find I can fit them better on a page if I trim a few even by a couple inches.

So even though I cannot actually build a Lego spaceship by looking at a Lego pattern book(I've tried, and I fail), I can build photos to create a pretty tight multi-photo page with just 4x6 prints. The Lego Force will be with me...always.

: - }


Anonymous said...

Nice LOs, I really love your work !

Nanie - from CKMB

alexandra s.m. said...

great pages Jennifer! I agree with you, sometimes a little trimming makes the big difference!

Jamsi said...

Oh - I whant the lego power too! I really love your comments about each layout. It's really helpful, not just a bunch of pretty layouts. You're quiet an inspiration!