Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy day

I knew today would be busy, so I decided to fortify myself for breakfast.

Today was the last day of the summer Rowan would have daytime tae kwon do--the last chance for me to plan scrapbook pages and read for 1 hour, interrupted only by having to strap on Rowan's sparring gear and have to deflect Dominic begging for water, potty break, and candy. In the afternoon Dominic had his third-to-last OT appointment--the "play doctor"--and I had the joy of traveling home during rush hour. Yikes. And later tonight I get to go to Simonsen's and be pampered with a hair cut.

The first appointment of the day was the one I worried about. Roswell, our American Staffordshire Terrier, was going to the vet to see if her UTI was better, and also to check out her limp again. She started limping after she came back from the kennel she goes to during vacation. Oddly, she doesn't limp all the time, only after she first gets up out of her bed, and in the evening her leg twitches pretty seriously. Recently it looked to me like her paws were bloody, either from her chewing on them (she does have a few worry spots) or from an injury.Good news, though: the UTI is better, and the diagnosis for her leg was predictable: Old Age. She doesn't need pain meds yet, but she's getting old and is starting to feel it--she is 10, after all. So the vet said to stop her chewing on her itches, we can give her two Benadryl two times a day. This gave me pause--the meds for the UTI said to open dog's mouth and put pills in back of throat. Roswell is a very nice dog, but she most certainly would not let me do that; she would, however, eat anything I wrapped in cheese. Happily. I asked the vet if it would be OK to keep giving pills that way, and she said yes. So Roswell looks miserable, but she has a happy tummy.

PS - The cookies yesterday that I sent to work with Derick were well appreciated. This was the container he brought back, not quite empty, as you can see. I'll post the recipe when I figure out how to create a PDF.

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