Thursday, March 8, 2018

Scrapbooking Grandma

My parents live in another state, so we see them only a few times a year, mostly when we travel out.My father is more infirm, so my mother does more traveling. Last summer she visited to see the beautiful sights in Minnesota. I made this page for her to remember the event.

Every time she comes out, we take a photo by this tree at church. It makes a nice backdrop. I used Ali Edwards' kit for this. Note: this was probably the last time my youngest was shorter than grandma. Here's some details:

The journaling take worked as a good home for the title. The hearts were notepad sheets; I layered them to frame the photo.

The silver stars came with the kit; I added epoxy hearts from my stash.

After I put together the page, I thought I needed more color, so I found some striped paper in my scraps to use and draw the eyes across the page.

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