Sunday, November 5, 2017

November pages for Simple Scrapper: Scrapbooking heirloom photos and memorabilia

Hello! The trimester has really locked in, and I have a been a grading field for the last month. That put a serious dent in my scrapbooking. Fortunately, I made a date with some scrapbooking friends to scrapbook over the weekend in October at The Scrapbook Manor. It was so much fun, and I did quite a bit. I can't wait to share what I made.

Until then, I'd like to share my pages for Simple Scrapper for November. This first is a pocket album I started to make based off of the theme of letters.

After my father-in-law moved to assisted living, his memorabilia of his wife, their families, and their marriage came to my husband and me. It lay in an Iris container for a while, but the letter story starter for the month got me going on creating an album for this memorabilia. I started with the story of their meeting, which reminded me of those quirky how-we-met stories in When Harry Met Sally, so I chose something similar for the title:

I used up the rest of my old Studio Calico 6x8 album and album inserts for this album. Here's the story page with amazing photos of  Don and Phebe to accompany them:

Before I did the project, I dug through my Project Life cards for ones that looked neutral or vintage-y. I mainly used ones from Studio Calico and Stampin' Up (an old line from Liz Tahamana). Then I went through my embellishments and looked for similar neutral or vintage ones. I put them in a Craft Keeper next to the Iris container with the photos and memorabilia and kept dipping into it for product when I needed it. Here's the letters:

I wanted to keep the envelopes as well as the letters, but they didn't fit, so I slit the sides of the pockets, then cliped the letters in.

The letters are beautifully practical and romantic, relics of Don writing to Phebe with care and devotion as she planned the wedding while he was still stationed elsewhere. He was a wonderful writer, and I'm glad we have the evidence of this.

(Check out the price of the stamp!)

The final evidence of their letter success is the wedding, so I finished this section with the invitation and one wedding photo of the couple. Look at how beautiful and dapper they are!

 Thank you for visiting! I'm sorry for the grading hiatus. I still have a bunch to do this term, but I also have many pages to share, and I look forward to sharing them this month. Next will come the other page I made for Simple Scrapper in November, plus the rest of the pages I made on my retreat, including much of the rest of this album.

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