Sunday, August 27, 2017

Scrapbooking your hobbies: a Pokemon Go mini-album

Confessions: Last summer my family, like many others, started playing Pokemon Go. We played as a family for almost a year, and my husband and I still play. Every time we went to different places to walk around and catch 'em all, I'd take a picture, usually a family selfie. Even though my boys don't play anymore, I wanted to make a mini album to record this hobby from the past year. Here's what I did:

Since Pokeballs are a big part of the game, and they are round, I wanted a round album. I had no mini-albums that were plain circles, but I thought this scalloped mini-album from October Afternoon would suffice.

I knew circles and Pokeballs would be a part of my design, but I didn't want to be too literal, so I found some patterned paper and paint that could suggest Pokeballs and their colors and shapes. If you know the game, you can see the red that is the ball, plus the line and dot in the middle, plus the black, all of which suggests the ball.

To complete this project, I went through my buttons, die cuts, and stickers, pulling the red ones that I thought I could use. on this project. I then used circle punches on the patterned paper to make the inside pages. Here's the album:

This was sort of the cover page. Remember the red balls in front of Target? During the Pokemon craze, they painted the balls to look like Pokeballs. I took a picture of the boys last year and used it here.

This design would be the template for each page: a couple circles of patterned paper behind the photo, then some hand journaling. Here's the rest of the pages:

Each of these is a two-page spread. The title and journaling would be on one page and the photo on the other. After I adhered everything, I went back and embellished. I chose a small, simple lettering stamp set to stamp the title on each page, which I did right after I'd adhered everything.

NOTE: I messed up this first title. I knew it was Lake Harriet but for some reason I stamped Calhoun, which is the next photo. And this is why I added the blue strip and the tag.

When the title had the circles to the right like on this spread, I stamped from right to left to make sure there was enough space.

For longer titles, I had to be flexible and creative. Abbreviations and hyphenation ensued.

I only did two places twice, very practically to fill the whole album, so I used my two favorite Pokemon locations.

That embellishment cluster on the photo exists because I dropped ANOTHER photo backed with adhesive on it. I convered the adhesive with the cluster. Gah.

And to finish the album, I wrote about what we do with Pokemon today.

Thank you for letting me share this geeky passion and how I commemorated it! Tell me, do you scrapbook your hobbies? And do you play Pokemon?

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Tracy said...

My boys, my husband, and I still play. We go to all of the places you listed (plus more)!