Thursday, August 17, 2017

An album of me: Part 3

I'm here to share the final album I made to declutter my photos and memorabilia I had kicking around the house. I used Studio Calico's Handbooks for the first two, but whoops! I'd run out at this point. I did, however, have many inserts from a Fancy Pants Brag Book, so I decided to make an album from those. First, I cut some chipboard, covered it, and punched some holes for the covers:

Then I divided my knick-knacks and photos into sections and used the inserts--photo, journaling, and pockets--for the sections.

In general, I made these sections chronological. I started out with scrapbooking by going online, so that's my first section.

Next, I started developing connection IRL, so that;s my next section.

I love that photo of us in blue. It was at the Pine City Scrapbooking store, a retreat as well and one of my favorite spots.

Now, my style developed strongly by subscribing to kits and using their online resources. I saved a lot of cute cool stuff, so I just put it all in here. Why not?

A favorite memory: meeting some SC peeps to scrap IRL!

Somewhere in here I started submitting and getting published. I didn't have much here for memorabilia, but what I had I included. NOTE: for the title page, I just raided magazines I still had for their subscription cards.

Big Picture Classes was another major influence on me, so here's the page that included the memorabilia for that.

Design teams really pushed my style, so this section memorializes them. For the title page, I trimmed up products I had for the companies I designed for, even a bit.

Finally, CHA, which was a part of my story on design teams.

NOTE: In that lower left photo in the spread above, I totally look like a giant. Gah.

I look like a giant here too! Argh!

Thank you for visiting! Mind you, I have never created a whole album for my hobby before, and I probably never will again, but scrapbooking has left me with so many memories and so much memorabilia, I am glad I took the time to put it in one place.

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alisonm said...

This is a really cool book! Especially since I am in it!!!! Seriously, what a great way to document your creative life of scrapbooking!