Sunday, November 20, 2016

Come at me, Slowbro: Scrapbooking your hobbies

It's been a busy fall again, but I have been scrapboooking. I've also gone back to some other hobbies this year that I've neglected: I finished three cross-stitch projects, I have read 34 books this year, and I grew an embarrassment of tomatoes. But I've slowly started scrapping again, and this time about a new hobby: Pokemon Go.

I know, I know--it's the game that everyone did, especially kids, then quit. Not my family. We've really enjoyed getting out and visiting different places in the Twin Cities, enjoyed the exercise, and managed some friendly competition and cooperation. I made a few pages recently, one about our trip to the zoo, and I plan on making a mini-album of the different places we've been. Here's a couple layouts I've made recently, starting with my favorite:

A month or so back, the game allowed you to choose a Pokemon as a "buddy" that you could walk around with to earn candies to power him up--something I guess candy does to us all (heh). I picked my Snorlax since he's rare and I can probably never catch another to earn more candy. When I saw how big he was next to my avatar, I immediately thought "Come at me, Bro!" then transposed it to "Slowbro," a kind of Pokemon. I took a picture and made this page.

The nice thing about Pokemon from a design standpoint are the colors--they are so bright and primary that it is easy to design with.

This next page is about my husband and me and how much we like to go hunting Pokemon together (apologies for the fuzzy resolution. It's getting dark so early here. I need to invest some time into making a light box.):

I tend to call these Pokedates but was hesitant to use it as the title because to me it sounds kind of naughty. Still, my husband challenged me, so I did. I put the accent on the E like it appears in the game, and bonus! I learned how to create the accented E in my journaling. Still don't know how to do it in Blogger, but oh well.

Again, I used bright primary colors, plus some pink for the Clefable I put in the gym. The red button is supposed to be a Pokeball, of course.

Thank you for letting my share this geeky hobby I've been indulging in! I hope this inspires you to create some pages about what else occupies your time, aside from scrapbooking.


alisonm said...

While I don't get the Pokemon craze, I do get how it has brought people outside to explore an dI love that! I also love your LO's, as always!

Kristi B. said...

I've been wondering how I'll scrap our Pokemon pics. Thanks for the cute! :)