Saturday, February 6, 2016

The rest of the pages I made at my scrapbooking retreat

Hello! My post about the Scrapbook Circle February pages included some of the layouts I made at my January scrapbooking weekend. Here are the remaining pages.

First is a page about my One Little Word of last year, Play. I decided not to use PLAY in the title because I felt like I lost it at the end of the year. I wanted this page to be goal setting. Note: that photo of me with the Wookiee is possibly my favorite photo of myself from last year.

This page was the last one I made. I sort of gave up because I didn't know what I wanted; I just had the circle mat and the embossed title. When I came home, I hand journaled and added circular stitches and random buttons and epoxy circles. I think they make the page look a little quanlt but technical. Now I love it.

Another page about my eldest and his summer journey to beat me at cribbage. Delightfully, a die cut set I had included cards. Perfect.

I love this page. The photo was lovely so I decided to enlarge it. The background paper fit perfectly and I hand stitched the starburst to make it a little more energetic. I finished the journaling at home.

This was another page I finished the journaling at home. It's a little simple, but so was the story, so that's OK. I finally used some of the stars overlay I bought so long ago.

Another big photo page of my dog on a mountain top, surveying the Green Mountains of Vermont. She looks so jaunty! I had originally thought to post many pictures of Lola on vacation for this page, but instead I loved this photo enough of her to make it the showcase. I finished the journaling and the title at home.

Thank you for letting me share the remainder of my pages from my retreat! I hope it gives you ideas for scrapbooking. I am planning another retreat in April, and I hope to be as productive then!

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