Friday, February 12, 2016

March scrapbooking layouts for Simple Scrapper

Hello! I have about a month left in the term at my school, which means I'll be grading like crazy for a few weeks. As a result, I worked hard to scrapbook this past weekend, finishing my March pages for Simple Scrapper. Here they are:

In the dead of winter, I want to use a lot of color, and so I did, using new story starter and an old sketch to scrapbook about my son's changing dream job. Here's some details:

Then I used a new sketch and an old story starter to scrapbook a summer story of the boys enjoying the backyard fire last summer:

I love that picture of my husband in the middle! Nothing like a good grid design. I put some space in it so I could Here's a detail:

Thank you for visiting! Please visit Simple Scrapper to check out their fabulous inspiration. Right now there is a free class--a reboot!--called Photo Crush, where you work together to organize your digital photo library. Check it out!

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