Sunday, January 31, 2016

February scrapbooking layouts for Simple Scrapper

Now that January is almost over, winter is that much closer to being over too! Living in Minnesota, I love me some winter, but I love snow more than cold, and we've have little snow and irregular cold too. Sigh. Still, we had one nice spell of winter snow but not too much cold, enough to enjoy an outing. Here's a page I made with a sketch and story starter from Simple Scrapper:

This was a one page sketch I stretched to two to get more photos in. Maybe because I'm thinking about green, but I felt the need to put some green on this wintry page, along with the white, blue, and brown, a perfect combo for a nature outing. 

You'll note I used the map from the nature center as patterned paper on the page. I've started to enjoy doing that. It didn't fit across the 12x12 paper, of course, so I trimmed bits of the map from the unused portion and added them underneath the doily on the right to complete the spread.

I don't add sequins a lot, but sometimes the are the perfect color accent, especially since they remind me of glints of snow and ice.

The next page I made for Simple Scrapper again uses green and white and brown, but the photos come from last summer on a page I made about some neighborhood girls who love my dog:

I've used the term "Lola's fan club" to describe them to my husband, so I made it the title of my page.

Thank you for visiting today! Please go check out Simple Scrapper and look into membership. The community, the classes, and a monthly magazine complement the story starters and sketches that you see I used. All of this makes scrapbooking so much more fulfilling and refreshing.

I'll be back a few more times this week with pages from my other teams, as well as the rest of the layouts I made on my scrap weekend in January.

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