Sunday, November 29, 2015

Scrapbooking sunny colors: December's Scrapbook Circle kit

The last month of the trimester is always super busy for me. I am near the end of grading, though--one week to go!--so I got some time to scrapbook using December's Scrapbook Circle kit Tell Your Story. It's bright and cheery, but not in a Christmasy way. That made me happy--I like to dip into summery themes when the weather gets cold. Here are my pages:

These were my two favorite photos from the state fair this year, the boys enjoying ice cream treats.   I picked lots of sweet colors to be a little ice creamy. (On a side note, I scrapbook ice-cream a lot!) Here's the details:

The next page was inspired by scrolling through photos and noticing how many photos I had of my cat in stuff. I printed my most recent favorites and put them together on this page.

That main photo makes me laugh so much. I'm a fan of LOST, and every time I see her with her paw on the glass, I mentally see "NOT PENNY'S BOAT."

This page shares a dream of my son: he met his favorite author, Lincoln Peirce, at a comic convention. And my husband forgot to take a picture. I did the best I could and recorded this page with a photo of him with the autographed book.

The title is a gaming term. I loved adding bits and bobs and stitching them down, just for fun.

Finally, the page I started with that gave me a creative block. I kind of knew what I wanted, but I wasn't sure what exactly I should do. I'm pleased with the final page and glad I was able to push through my creative block.

The font on the title is a new favorite of mine, Wolf in the City. It is GORGEOUS. Here's a link.

I was happy to see the kit had blueberry blue paper, but I wanted it to be ALL blue, so I misted it to cover the white.

Thank you for stopping by! Now that the new term in beginning, I look forward to scrapbooking more regularly again. I have backlogged projects, including a vacation album from 2011, that I want to finish.

To check out these delicious products and December's kits, please visit Scrapbook Circle. This is a terrific time to visit--there is an amazing sale on old kits and grab bags--and check out subscriptions while you are there!

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