Friday, October 23, 2015

A little spooky

Of all the themed products I have--vacation, Christmas, camping, Halloween, and school--the one I have the most product is probably Halloween. That's kind of sad since the boys are getting older and may be soon done with trick-or-treating. Not Dominic--he's going as a Hipster this year.

So I am going back and finishing up last year's Halloween layout with some melancholy. Here's the page:

Every year the boys do a series of poses in front of our evergreen. It was a very warm day, so everything was still green, so I used a bunch of green papers on some woodgrain. (Some of these papers may have been Christmas papers even!) I dipped into the Halloween bucket for the pumpkins and embellishments. Here are the details:

I did the journaling differently, adding strips to the white space on the main photo, not the page.

I still have some Halloween projects--this year's Halloween, of course, plus a mini-album compiling all their costumes. I can only hope that they will grow interested in hosting Halloween parties once they hit high school. Otherwise, I will have to go trick or treating as Buffy the Vampire Slayer every year and make a page about it. We don't want that.

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