Saturday, June 20, 2015

Scrapbooking me

I posted a few pages about the boys recently They are my main topics. Here's a couple pages I made recently about me:

I don't automatically scrap Mother's Day, but I had fun this year and got a good picture of the boys, so I made this page. The title I chose (no pun intended) because I got these big letters in a kit without many doubles and this was a word I could make that fit thematically. LOL. My creative choices are sometimes dictated by the product I have. Here's some details:

I like using Project Life cards on my pages. The above shot used a project Life card as a part of a cluster, and in addition to journaling, with the shot below, I punched a design to matchthe circular photos.

I tried stamping on the paper first and didn't like it, so I covered with a tag and used Stazon to stamp on the slick chipboard. Creativity borne of mistake-covering. My general creative MO.

Next a simple page. I usually call this page CURRENTS, but I used the same limited letters, so the title is NOW. :-) I stamped the title because the stamp in this kit had some Currents words; for the ones I wanted to record that didn't have words, I used letter stamps. I didn't have a photo of myself when I made this page, so I made the page and took the photo after. I look OK (I needed a haircut here!) but the sky looks lovely.

Thank you for visiting! I hope this gives you ideas for scrapbooking yourself if you haven't recently.

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