Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nontraditional colors

Hello! January has started, and started COLD. We had a day cancelled due to cold already, but the next week is looking up, temperature-wise. So there's that.

I have a post up at Scrapbook Circle on how to use a mask to add glitter to a page--please visit and get an idea for using your mask in a way other than misting! Tomorrow I will also have a post up at Write Click Scrapbook to give you journaling ideas for year-in-review pages I hope you go there too and get inspired!

Today I wanted to share a couple pages I made last month about my boys using nontraditional colors. I know most people think brown-green-blue when it comes to boy pages, but I love color, period, so I don't like certain colors of the rainbow being under a padlock for boys. When I got some heavy duty pinkish-coral in a kit, I decided to use it on a page about my son overcoming his fear of bees.

Here's the page:

(Quick side note: I had to take these photos about 3 times in December, it was so dark! I just could not get it white enough for the background paper.)

I started with the picks on the white paper, then dug around my stash for some yellow and red to add some warm joy. Again, I used a frame to draw attention to my son in the glorious flower field.

This next page celebrates my other boy's favorite event last summer: riding the high-speed boat across Lake Michigan. My husband had taken a pretty good photo of Milwaukee at dawn with his phone, so I blew it up for the background. It had lots of violet in it, so I pulled a lot of the violet and pink products in another kit:

I added the sequins to sort of draw together the top and bottom of the page. Plus they were sitting on my scrap table and seemed to go color-wise. More on that later this week.

I've been using a lot of Project Life cards on my layouts recently.

Finally, my younger boy also visited the bees at the same time as my older boy. His story was a little different, so I focused on his overall love of nature. Here's the page:

I used Scrapbook Circle's January kit for this page. I loved the add-on Shine Bright for this page; the 6x6 paper was just enough to frame the photo and create the tag banner.

Thank you for checking out these pages! I hope it inspires you to explore some nontraditional color palettes.

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Michelle said...

Oh these are fabulous!! Who says you can't use pink on a boys page? :) How neat that Rowan was able to get up close with the bees and help him with his fear of bees.

I am not liking this cold weather either. We had last Wed. off for a snow day due to the cold as well. Hoping it warms up this weekend, like they are predicting... though I have seen different predictions for the times. Time will tell. Have a great week. :)