Sunday, December 28, 2014

January layouts for Simple Scrapper

Here's a couple pages I made for next month's Simple Scrapper gallery. I used both old and new sketches and story starters as inspiration. Here they are:

This first page used a January story starter. The theme is New Beginnings, which is perfect for this page about my son's terrific start to his final year in elementary school. With his autism, new beginnings can be tough, which is why this year merits celebration in particular. I chose neutral and natural colors and images to reflect the tranquility of the year.

Here's my next page:

I used a January sketch and an old story starter to inspire me here. The photo I love, though it's not a great photo, indoors with a busy background. Still, it represented something wonderful to me--my son's love of reading and his affection for certain series--so I chose playful colors and products for this story.  I did one of my favorite things on this page: using a frame to draw attention to a small field of the photo.

Thank you for checking out my pages! Please visit Simple Scrapper for a peek into what's coming up and some daily inspiration.

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Michelle said...

I love that first page. The soft color palette is so calming and pretty. I am glad he is having a good year.

The second page is fun. We too do the same thing. Sit in the bookstore and read. Everyone wanders off as well. Ben ended up with 8 new books for Christmas this year.. what he asked Santa for. For being in 2nd grade, he had asked for some great books to read - Bridges to Terabithia, more Boxcar Children's books, and the first two to the Chronicles of Narnia. We also bought him an interactive book, along with some others. (The Star Wars fan in you will love that he got a few Star Wars lego sets. :) )

Brit also got a few new books. The newest in the Pretty Little Liars (which she has since finished the day after Christmas. LOL) and Ernest Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. I don't think she was all that thrilled with that one, but next semester, she has her American Lit. class. I am trying to get her to broaden her horizons. LOL

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break.