Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scrapbooking treasured belongings

I have to admit, I was not much for keeping stuff when I was growing up. My parents were born not long after the Depression, so they were trained to keep EVERYTHING. I react differently; I tend to use things, and if I can't use it anymore, I get rid of it.  I remember keeping a diary as a child, for example, but not finding it very interesting to record the minutiae of my days, I tossed it, mostly empty. When I outgrew a toy--paper dolls, for example--I tossed it. I was a bridge burner. As a result of these tendencies, I don't have many long-term treasured things from my childhood.

My sons, particularly my older boy, must be reacting to my tendencies in the same way I did to my parents: he hoards. Now that he's older, I can see that he loves particular treasures, so I decided to scrap them so that if he does lose or toss it someday, at least I will have recorded the memory. Here's a page about one of his treasures:

I used the August Scrapbook Circle kit Island Paradise along with its add-ons Tiki Torch and Bungalow for this page. The jewel tones, especially the purples, meshed well with the colors in the photos, particularly my son's purple sweatshirt.

I also used a single page September sketch from Simple Scrapper for this page as well, stretching it to two 8.5x11 inch pages to fit all the photos. Here's some details:

When I hand journal, I draw lines in pencil with a ruler 1/4 inch apart, then journal, then hand draw over the lines sans ruler. I like a little bit of squiggle.

I love layering die cuts with dimensional stickers and chopboard, as you'll see in the next two photos as well.

Thank you for checking out my page! So, have you scrapped your treasures yet?

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