Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finishing up pages after a crop

When I go away to a crop like I did a couple weekends ago at the Pine City Scrapbooking Company, I usually almost finish pages there. Most of the time I have to take them home and do some finishing touches. Those finishing touches are mostly journaling and titles, and rarely products I want to use but forgot at home. Here's some pages I finished at home this weekend, scrapping at home with my friend Sandra:

I put most of this page about my son's 11th birthday together in Pine City, but I wanted to interview my son for the journaling. I used the prompts called the currents which I learned about through Tina Aszmus. I have used these prompts on my son but never myself; I loved hearing what he had to say! I heartily recommend these prompts with your child. (Bonus geek points if you know why I put an owl on this page.) The next page I finished at home is also about my son's birthday:

I had taken this photo of my son at his birthday desk. The dark season in Minnesota has started, so the lighting was whack. I decided to use an action with it to make it look funky and (hopefully) detract from the grain. I think I used Pioneer Woman Colorized. I had this page completely done except the journaling. This weekend I got off my butt and did it. :-) I'm tending to ink the edges of journaling strips lately. It's a fun, easy accent. Then another page I had to finish the journaling on, this time about my childhood:

The trick on this page was the amount of the journaling. The story was bigger than the story on my son's page, so I had to figure out how to adhere the strips without obscuring all the circles. I opted to start the journaling on the circles and finish it up under the title.

Thank you for checking out my pages! I hope it gave you some insight into how I go about finishing up after a crop. (I swear, most of the time it doesn't take me weeks to do so! Sigh.)


Linda E said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful layouts today, Jennifer. I especially love the journaling prompts in the first one. I think I will try it with my kids. Might make a good New Year's layout. Like you,I rarely finish a page at a crop. There's always some little detail I want to add when I get at home of something I forgot to bring. Just curious, do you do your hand stitching at a crop or safe that for later?

Jennifer Larson said...

Thank you for your comment! I stitch at the crops, both hand and machine. I bring my seeing machine with me.

Jennifer Larson said...

Sewing machine. Ack.