Friday, October 4, 2013

Scrapping tough subjects

When I scrapbook, I try to scrap my whole life. Still, I'm a generally optimistic person, so how do I record the tougher moments? Here's a look into one tough story I'm working through now.

My younger son has high-functioning autism, called PDD-NOS. Ever since he's been in school, he's had struggles, but it's been intermittent. First grade was terribly hard, and this year, fourth grade is also difficult.

I wanted to record some of what he was going through so he could see the progression of his development, and also for him to know my love of him, no matter what. Here's a page I made recently about his struggle:

I actually started with the circles. The high school I work at has an autism center, and one teacher told me progress for children with autism goes in circles. That insight has given me patience and faith, so I decided to use circles to represent the progress my son makes in learning to work within society's norms: a little forward, then a little back. I then stitched circles around the wood circles to connect them, then added the title and stamping along the edge. Here's some details:

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm an optimist, so my journaling tends to look to the future with hope. That' what I must do to scrap these tougher subjects.

Thank you for looking at my page! I hope this gave you ideas for how to deal with scrapping difficult subjects in your scrapbooking.


alisonm said...

At 28, my son stills struggles daily. He is lonely, but he rarely complains. More hugs to Dominic.

alisonm said...

BTW, where did you find the veneer circles? I love the way you used them!

Jennifer Larson said...

Thanks, Alison! They are Studio Calico wood veneer, a couple years old. I used up the rest of my stash of them on this page. :-)

Linda E said...

This is a beautiful layout. My hats off to you for getting your thoughts down on paper so quickly to make such a well-designed and meaningful layout. Tough subjects are difficult to capture in a 12x12 format. My daughter's first day of pre-school was 9-11. It took me 10 years to capture my feelings on paper. ( I think the best approach to scrapping tough subjects is to do it when it feels right to you.