Monday, September 23, 2013

Using both my right and left brain

I'm taking the class The Art + Science of Scrapbooking at Big Picture Classes right now. I am 60/40 left brained/right brained, according to a test I took. I thought I'd share the  pages I have made so far.

First, the one I've already shared:

This page was left-brained ideation, which was really easy for me. When I upload my photos, I print the best ones, the ones I know have stories attached, and I make those into pages right away.

Then the right brained ideation page:

Man, I struggled with this one. I was told to look through my patterned paper until a piece inspired me to scrap a place. It took my brain FOREVER to shut off the part that kept asking me to think of photos I have of places and just let the paper dictate my story. This older October Afternoon paper made me think of living a few blocks from the downtown in Bath, Maine. The paper was bright, so I lay some vellum on top to mute it. How nice it was that the vellum tape I haven't used in forever still works.

The left brained process page was a surprisingly BIG struggle for me. I've never done a pocket page before. Heck, the only pocket page I have I got for free with some 12x12 page protectors. i decided to make a front and back two-page layout about our trip to the state fair. Here it is:

NOTE: aside from the photo of my son on the ride, the food photo above may have been the best photo I took. Regardless, it doesn't go on it's own page. What else can one say about mini-donut beer and cheese curds but mmmm?

And the right brained process page--surprise!--was much easier for me. Pick a photo with a story, write the story and put it in a pocket. Here's my son channeling Iron Man:

The title was so much fun. This was an idea I got that turned out just like I'd wanted. (The photo above is a little fuzzy--sorry about that. I took the photo a little later so it was kind of dark.)

Thank you for checking out my pages! I am have a lot of fun in this class and will share some more pages I've made next week. If you haven't yet taken a Big Picture Classes class, do so--they are truly inspiring.


Michelle said...

I think I would struggle with that assignment too, to find the paper first. I am the choose a photo with a story, then find the supplies.

What day did you go to the fair?? We went on Labor Day and it was crowded!!! Nice and cool though. Years past, it has been so hot!! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I can't believe you have the photos scrapped already! Mine are still not printed. LOL Oh and cheese curds are my daughter's and hubby's fave. I like the mini donuts and funnel cake and we always have to get a big bag of kettle corn from the place by the MN Bound spot.

Jennifer Larson said...

Ha, Michelle! You just reminded me I Forgot to put the date on the page, LOL! We went the day before you did, which was the busiest day in State Fair history. I put the attendance number in the last 4x6 panel.