Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Big Picture Classes coupon code--and a giveaway!

If you know me, you also know that I am a huge fan of Big Picture Classes. One of the most pivotal moments for me as a designer was taking the class Design Your Life, which sped up my process by making design decisions more automatic for me. And taking last year's class Twelve made me think about the stories I record more purposefully, helping me to become a fuller storyteller, if that makes sense. And right now I am having fun getting started in i.Scrap, recording my story in ways I haven't thought of before.

Those are only a few of the classes I've taken. I've enjoyed many more, so I am pleased to be able to offer a coupon code for the following class, Grammar-Free Journaling with Angie Lucas! Here's some details:

Grammar-Free Journaling with instructor Angie Lucas
Learn a dozen creative and useful strategies for telling awesome stories in completely new ways—no paragraphs required! Be free. Be Grammar Free.
Starts 8/15/2013 $35.00

Class Description
      Who's teaching this class? Hi, I'm Angie Lucas, word nerd extraordinaire, and I'll be your Grammar-Free Journaling instructor.
      Is "grammar-free journaling" a thing, or did Angie Lucas make it up? Okay, okay, I made it up. The idea is to tell truly compelling stories in creative new formats using the fewest words possible—and to stress less about paragraph flow, sentence structure, transitions, and the rules of writing.
      What does Angie Lucas have against grammar? Absolutely nothing! I'm willing to bet that I love grammar even more than you do. But just in case you don't like it, I'll show you 12 useful strategies for skipping the grammar altogether.
      Who is this "Angie Lucas" anyway? I'm the new Editorial Director at Big Picture Classes, a professional writer and editor since 1998, the founder of Ella Publishing Co., the former managing editor at Simple Scrapbooksmagazine, and an average pianist (which is not at all relevant to this workshop).

read rest of description here
New to Big Picture Classes learn about us and set up a free account here

I have worked with Angie through Ella Publishing (now affiliated with Big Picture Classes) and enjoy listening to her every time she is on the Paperclipping Roundtable, so I know this will be an incredibly helpful and fun class that can transform your journaling and give you more options when you scrapbook.

First the coupon: for all my readers, you can use the coupon code WRITERIGHT to get $5 off the class Grammar-Free Journaling. You will need to use the code by August 21, 2013 to get $5 off this class.

And now the giveaway! Leave a comment on my blog, telling me what you think about journaling on your pages--what you tend to write, how you feel about journaling, how you tend to do it--and I will draw a winner Friday, August 9, 2013 at 8 P.M. CST. Check back after that to see if you are a winner, and grab the coupon code to sign up for the class anyway, which is sure to be both fun and helpful.


dianem said...
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reen said...

I don't typically do a lot of journaling on layouts, even though I constantly think about what I want to say while I'm working. I want my voice on the layout to sound like me in case I do eventually get to have grandchildren and they're ever interested in looking.

I LOVE taking classes, always looking for a fun one to do.

csewy-csescrap13 said...

I do journal on my layouts but I'm not always happy with the finished product....could use a little help! I feel it is one of my weak points in my scrapping!

Malin/malwa said...

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I journal on most of my pages - some I only add names and dates on (if it's just a pretty photo without a certain story), but mostly I write a little something either about what the photo shows or memories on and about.

One of my main reasons for scrapbooking is that I looooove writing - with lovely pens and on pretty papers. ;)

dianem said...

Although I like to journal on my pages, it has a tendency to sound like a college essay. I'd like help in correcting that. A class like this would be perfect for me. Thanks for the chance.

Anonymous said...

Although I Journal on 95% of my pages, it often sounds very similar. Maybe this class could give me some new ideas?!? Thanks for the Chance to win!

-Erin in Germany