Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scrapping many photos

One of my favorite things to do is scrap many photos. The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to print photos in smaller sizes. If you have Photoshop Elements, it is not that hard to do. I used a template tutorial by Cathy Zielske to figure out how to print any size photo on a 4x6 print that I need. (NOTE: I do not print photos at home. Too expensive for my ink cartridge!)

Most of the photo size I print are either 3x3, 2.5x2.5, or wallet sized. If I need a focal point photo, I print that in 4x6. I choose the size of photo depending on if the orientation is square or rectangular. If it is rectangular, I use the wallet size.

Here's two layouts I did recently with many photos on one page:

The first had a focal point photo. The remaining photos were squares that I tucked into the strips at the bottom. Perhaps because of my husband's red hair, I found Fancy Pants Designs' Swagger collection to be perfect for the page.

The next layout had no focal point. I printed them wallet size to fit the frames.

I used Fancy Pants Designs' Trendsetter collection for this page. Using wallet sizes allowed me to fit four photos comfortably on the page in a small space.

Tell me about your photo selection: Do you use many photos? If so, do you print them small or do you trim them?


Linda E said...

Love the layouts, Jennifer. Especially love the stitching details on the second one. When I want smaller prints -- which is quite often -- I print collage prints at Target. Thanks for reminding me of this tutorial. I have it pinned now for safe keeping!

Jacci said...

Archiver's has got a fabulous fabulous Memory Lab. You can create a collage with 20 pictures, and get lots of mini photos for a great price!