Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What do you give to people who ask for nothing?

This is something I ask myself about my parents. They have led a full life, they buy what they need and want. When it comes to presents, I often make them a scrapbook page. I bought them an album, plus a 12x12 frame to display the newest page I send them.

Here's the latest page I did as a present, this time for my dad's birthday:

The page shows two great photos of my boys and my dad's mom the last time we visited. I used Fancy Pants Designs' Park Bench, which is a perfect collection for pages with both genders on them. The colors are masculine, but the flowers soften it up a bit, enough for a classy lady like my grandmother.

Here's the details:

I really like stitching photo frames, something I wrote about recently. It adds some lice texture. Here" also tucked a tag under the photo to house a couple stickers and a flower. Like I've done before, one sticker I de-stickered and added with a dimensional sticker to overlap them a bit.

The strips on the Park Bench Paper had the perfect title, so I used that! I added some punched strips underneath, turning up the edges for some texture and dimension, bith of which I love in restrained quantities.

I had to add the biggest flower and the most important words to this lovely focal point photo, which I've scrapped before for myself.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Do you give scrapbooks away for presents? Why or why not?

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