Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meet Stone

Here's an unusual pet for you: our new bearded dragon named Stone.

I never thought we would own a reptile, but last summer my younger boy became interested in owning a snake. We checked out books from the library and he read up on them; we went to local pet stores and investigated; at the Renaissance Fair we went to the Herpetological Society and asked about owning reptiles, and here's where we caught a break: Dominic fell in love with the bearded dragon, not the python. (BIG sigh of relief from Mom.) We learned they make great pets, and Dominic started working hard until he earned the money for the tank and lights. Then for his birthday, Grandma and Grandpa bought him Stone, plus crickets for dinner.  

Here's the pages I made to celebrate Stone's homecoming:


I kept the design really simple to show off the photos, which weren't high quality, but they showed everything important; Dominic at the store, where he first met his pet, then the tank in his bedroom, and then Stone in his new home. I enlarged that photo. It was a pretty good one, even though I had to contort myself to take it in the tank.


I never thought a bearded dragon would be entertaining, but it is. For one, it hunts its dinner. Plus, I think he can recognize me, maybe the frequency of my voice or the weight of my footsteps; when I enter the room to feed him, he leaps from his basking log and waits for me, alert. I swear it's almost like he's wagging his tail.

Here's the details:

I had a lot of wood veneer arrows from my last Studio Calico kit, so I used them to draw attention to our newest family member.


Here's the journaling. It was a big story, bigger than the space I had, so I stretched it across the pages.

Thanks for sharing in the story of our new pet! Tell me: do you have any pets? Any unusual ones? And do you scrap them?


Aliza said...

We have goldfish, and I was shocked when I first noticed that they swam right up to the front of the tank when I came into the room.
Our guinea pig also starts to squeak the moment we start moving around in the morning. She also starts to squeak whenever she hears a vegetable bag rustling. It's pretty neat.
I have not scrapped them, though.

Megan D said...

Cool page! I had a hermit crab as a child. It bit me the first day.

Michelle said...

This is a really neat page! When my oldest was little, she had a goldfish. My middle, she has had two hamsters. The first one was so wonderful. She had the best personality. I have scrapped pics of her. The second one, he was funny. He would crawl in the food bag when you were cleaning his cage. We would stick a towel under/against the bathroom door so he couldn't escape. Otherwise, we have had the normal cats & dogs. Right now 2 dogs, 1 cat.

BabyBokChoy said...

I can't wait to follow the story of this reptile on your pages!!! Wonderful 2-pager !

Debbie P said...

Awesome two pager! I'm going to Pin this one!

Melissa Stinson said...

Love the page! And lizards are awesome pets! My husband has a leopard gecko and SWEARS he can tell what kind of mood it's in- LOL!

sillypea said...

My goodness... sometimes I think you and I lead the same life! My two boys (10 & 13) are currently working the angle to bring a bearded dragon into my home too! (and are Lego freaks as well - are we twins?)

I will obviously be watching for updates to Stone... LOL