Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad

My dad celebrated his birthday this week. Since we live half a country away, we celebrate via phone, photos, and mailed presents, but I hear he had a good day. We're planning future fishing with him and the boys. Here's the card I sent him:

I used Fancy Pants Swagger line, scraps from a page I recently made. Here's the full supplies:

Swagger Button Set / Swagger Success PaperSwagger Powerful Paper / Swagger Humorous Paper / Swagger Sticker Fundamentals / Etcetera 6x6 pad

I know male cards and layouts are hard for many people. For me, since I have all boys, I tend to make these the most, so I love this orange/grey/green combo. And I hate to say it, but with males, they don't really need a fancy card. Anything homemade, and they appreciate. Perfect for my simple style.

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