Thursday, December 13, 2012

My scrapbooking Grinchiness

OK, confession: I do not like scrapbooking Christmas.

Seriously, I'm beginning to think the Great Divide in scrapbooking is not between paper and digital scrappers, nor between Project Lifers and Non, but between those that LIKE scrapping Christmas, and those who DON'T. Put me in the latter, I'm not sure why.

Still, I have to scrap Christmas. For one, my boys LOVE looking at their scrapbooks. They also love Christmas and remember so many things. Right now the favorite is when the Elf was in the blender. (Don't ask.) I want to record those memories in case they fade. Here's where I did some of that recording, in this case for Elle's Studio Gallery this month:

The die cuts helped make the title and numbered journaling spots. Can I say how much I love tiny number stickers? Labeling photos and using list journaling makes scrapbooking easy.

This page was typical for what I do to scrap Christmas right now: I put the whole month on a page. If you buy Scrapbook Trends December, you'll see a two-page layout I made last year that does the same. On this page I focused on how I prepared for the season.

I also do cards...

Now, I've done photo cards for the last two years, but every now and then I make cards for my card-making friends. This one was surprisingly easy. I just overlapped two die cuts and added some buttons and stickers. Nice!


I also cut out some die cuts and added them to the card with Dimensional stickers. Those special cards only go to a few people--the best card makers, maybe. (Another confession.)

Finally, this page isn't Christmas--it's Black Friday--but as all Americans know, this technically is Christmas, so I used Christmas products, and I loved it.


The details for this page were fun. I love linear designs, but I added the circles to break the lines a bit. (I'm having a bit of a love affair with circles right now.)


I curled the edges of the banners, just for some dimension. And if I can say, the Stampin; Up! twine is my favorite thing right now for threading buttons. It goes with everything!

Thanks for not hurling tinsel at your computer screens when I mentioned my scrappy Grinchiness. So tell me: Are you a scrap Grinch like me or do you revel in the scrap season like a Who?


Michelle said...

Oh Jen, you are a brave, brave girl to be venturing to the MOA on Black Friday. I have never been there on Black Friday. I would think it would be an absolute zoo! I love love love all of your pages!!! I am not a huge fan of scrapping Christmas either. I do it for the kids.

Jennifer Larson said...

Michelle, go in the morning. Seriously, it is empty!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Love your newest layouts! I'm not very good at scrapping Christmas either, not sure why? I really like the "Black Friday" lo with the Christmas pp and fun photos, neat idea!

Aliza said...

I know I have to scrap some chanukah photos soon. Well, I don't have to, but I should. But it's not my favorite. Maybe because I usually like a real story, and the only story is that "this happened. It was so nice."