Friday, September 21, 2012

Hobbit riddles, scrapbooking, and My Precious

My husband has been reading The Hobbit to my boys. They love it, and Derick does terrific voices as he reads.

When we were in Maine last summer, my son Rowan said something that reminded me of a riddle from the book--you know, then scene where he encounters Gollum underground and they have a riddle battle over whether Gollum gets to eat Bilbo or escort him out of the cave. I laughed at what Rowan had said and asked him the winning riddle in response:

"What is in my pocket?"

The answer, in case you haven't read the book, is the Ring, AKA Gollum's Precious, which he doesn't know he lost and Bilbo found. The scene is quite dramatic.

Rowan, however, hadn't gotten to that part of the story, so when I posed my riddle, he said triumphantly, "Your iPhone!" We laughed and shared the reason why with him.

Ever since, when he sees me messing with my phone, he hisses at me, a la Gollum, "My Precious!" What a card.

I had to memorialize the story, so I made this page:

I used Studio Calico's September kit. I like how basic the product and design are, which highlights the story.

I used a lot of circles, since the story deals with them--the Ring. The striped green circle was a leftover piece from my Write Click Scrapbook page for next month's gallery. It was so pretty, I didn't want to throw it away. I'm glad I got a use out of it on this page.

Sometimes the perfect embellishments are the most literal. When I saw the kit had a pocket in it, I knew I had to use it on this page.

On a side note, I love this picture of me, weird though it is. You can see how I regained my waist after I lost 12 pounds running this summer. I made a page commemorating the running. I'll share the page after it goes up next week on Thinking Through Design.


reen said...

I love that story! How awesome that it's now recorded in a layout? "My precious", makes me giggle.

Diana Waite said...

what a HILARIOUS back story to this layout--LOVE it! This is what scrapbooking is ALL about--preserving memories. BEAUTIFUL job!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Too funny! Love the story and that you scrapped it...neat title and photo! Great job with the return of your waist line, can't wait to see your layout!