Friday, September 14, 2012

First weeks of school

 I've just finished my second week of school, as have my boys. Busy, busy busy!

  1. Labor Day weekend we traveled to Two Harbors to wish my grandmother a happy 94th birthday. She looked gorgeous!
  2. We've started taekwondo every evening for the boys. I have to pick them up from school, then drive them immediately there (so far, the boys have done their homework in the car). Rowan's TKD is two nights a week, Dominic's the other two. Me? I will use that time to grade.
  3. This past weekend we took the boys to the Lions Parade in Osseo, where they marched with TKD. Gorgeous weather, though we did not get much candy for them. The floats don't really hand it out to grown ups. 
  4. Sunday we went to the Renaissance Festival, where we had an awesome but dusty time (I'm ready for a week of rain). I splurged on earrings, the boys got swords, and Derick got a new wallet. 
  5. I have really enjoyed teaching my students. I always teach the best in school.
This weekend we're looking at attending Dominic's violin recital--he's playing Bach's Minuet 1, and since he's getting his hair cut before that, he should have a nice spiky 'do for it. And the boys will help do some yard work to earn Lego money.

Now I'm just tired. I have worked on little bits of creative stuff here and there, but not finished anything. Right now, though, I'm inspired to do something I got ideas on from Pinterest and another page pairing an old and new photo, which I thought of while listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable while I was mowing the lawn last weekend.

How have your first few weeks of September gone?

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Michelle said...

In all the years, I have never been to the Renaissance Fest. I keep telling my hubby, we should skip the MN State fair one year and go there instead. Never happens.
Happy birthday to your grandma!!
School for us is going well. My little one is adjusting well to the all day kindy. I was really concerned. He has a great teacher! My middle seems to be liking high school. I know this year is going to fly by!! This week surely has!!!