Thursday, August 2, 2012

New gallery at Write Click Scrapbook!

In addition to Elle's Studio, this was the first gallery I participated in at Write Click Scrapbook too! The theme was Summer Lovin', and since we had just gotten back from vacation, I made a mini album called 5 Vacation Faves, a tradition for me.

On the way back from vacation, I ask everyone what his five favorite things were. I also write my five favorites. When I get home, I print a photo of each of us and make a mini album celebrating our five favorites. Here's what I did this year:

I used some Smash dividers. Like I mentioned yesterday, I haven't fully smashed yet, so I thought these would make nice pages in a mini. I pulled out all the smash stuff I've collected these past years and used them on the mini.

I also have another page up at WCS, this time for a color challenge by Emily Spahn. Here's the page:

I used a bunch of American Crafts Shoreline I had just bought, using a gift card from an LSS garage sale. I then dug into stash for the rest of it. Here it is:



I liked the chevrons in the color sketch, so I tried using a new Julie Fei-fan Balzer template to ink the page. Of course, I messed up, which meant additional, unplanned opportunities for creativity. I painted over the color bleed (the yellow on the far right), then used the template to cut chevrons, which I then adhered, slightly overlapping, on the inked chevrons with dimensionals. I like the effect.

Only one month left of summer--time to start thinking about what you love right now and scrap it!


Diana Waite said...

wonderful creations!

alisonm said...

Meeting me was one of your favorite parts of vacation????? Awwwwww! Thanks!Our meeting was and will be the highlight of my summer!

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Loved this, Jennifer. I did the 5 Favorites years ago when Zach was younger but haven't yet with the girls. Thanks for the reminder to do it again!