Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dominic

Dominic had been in a little funk lately, asking why kids have it so hard, why do they have to go to school for so long? He suggested they only go for half a year, and he wasn't happy when I pointed out that he does: 365 days a year, 180 day school calendar. To help, I told him sometimes the hard stuff is worth it in the end. Case in point: It took 7 hours to give birth to him, and it was worth it. That made him smile.

Today Dominic turned 8. We spent the morning at the Mall at Lego club, Nickelodeon Universe, and The Rainforest Cafe:


Then later for dinner, we ate a fave, cheese pizza, had cake, then opened presents.

Right now he is utterly happy, juiced from chocolate cake, his favorite, and very excited about not needing a booster seat anymore. Another example of the hard stuff (getting ready for the day) being worth it in the end. That may be my six word memoir: It's worth it in the end.


DanaMK said...

Sounds like a fabulously fun day!!

Keshet said...

LOVE that six word memoir, Jennifer. Just love:)

alisonm said...

Now he gets to work on growing the beard!

Linda E said...

Love those pictures! Eight years ago, when my son turned 8, we also got him Battleship. It's the 8-year-old right of passage. Hope he had a great day!