Friday, August 26, 2011

Mom, I'm sorry I spilled water on your page...

I have a shared scrap space, specifically the living room. I store my belongings by the computer downstairs, but I don't want to scrap with my back to the room there, so I scrap on a lap desk in the easy chair upstairs. My most used supplies are located there.

Based on the word "Nest" from Big Idea Festival, I made a layout about my space at the suggestion of my friend Sandra:

These are some remnants from this month's Studio Calico kit Boardwalk.

Truly, I am envious of bigger spaces, but I love scrapping while the family is around, so that little phrase sticker was fun to put on.

This nice Bella Blvd. bloom looks great with the colors. I replaced the center brad with this one from Basic Grey.

Amazingly, I have only had two layouts damaged in the shared scrap space: I tripped and fell on a page and had to replace the background paper, which was bent, and my cat once licked a photo. Bleh. Only two times, and none from my boys...until this week.

I was working on my July Project 12 page (there's a link on the top of my blog if you want to learn more about this project), and I was almost done, so the page was lying on the ottoman. I reminded my son for the umpteenth time to take his Kemps ice cream bucket, which he'd put on his head after he took a shower, to his room.

He took the bucket, walked into the living room and started swinging it around in windmills, which spilled water all over the right hand side of the page.

Every photo was ruined, as was one square of patterned paper. This isn't a big deal, perhaps, except I'd stitched the photos down.

After my son went to bed with hugs and "I forgive you, but you have to sit by me and do nothing fun while I reconstruct this page" from mom, I snipped off all the stitching and prised off every photo.

The next day, with a very bored boy next to me, I reprinted the photos and readhered them. I also restitched, which required the removal of some chipboard elements and some manual cranking of the wheel to make sure the stitches went into the previous hole. So, it took me about an extra hour to finish my page, but I did finish it. Here it is:

I used July's Studio Calico kit Mind the Gap. I had run out of many embellishments, so I had to dig into stash.

Here's the re-done page two:

I had to replace the center map paper. Truthfully, the previous one was more orange, and I like this green-heavy piece better. Not enough to redo the whole page, but I'm being glass half full.

I used up my last orange Studio Calico banner stickers for this!

The felt stars and milk cap chipboard from Jenni Bowlin have been in my stash for a long time and worked well for this page.

Repaired page 2 details.

Something fun I'm doing with embossing powder lately: speckling one or two colors of one powder, tapping off excess, then adding the main color, saving this excess. Here I mostly used AC Leaf Zing, with accents of Apricot and Chocolate.

One of my mottos is "There are no mistakes in scrapbooking, only unplanned opportunities for creativity." The same is true in life, I guess.


Donna Jannuzzi said...

So happy you were able to save this; it's a great page. As always I love all the little details you add to your layouts. :)

Beth Hallgren said...

It took me a while to figure out what you'd embossed :) The grid is really eye catching and the detail on the edge of the journaling is lovely.

Great idea to have him sit next to you to see how much work you put into a layout!

Michelle Y said...

Wow, I really admire your patience. I'd probably be too frustrated to redo that layout ;x And it came out wonderfully!

Keshet said...

You are one awesome mama, Jenny:) I love the final layout!

BabyBokChoy said...

The page is amazing and the story is even BETTER!!!!

Aliza said...

You totally get extra points for patience, kindness, and forgiveness.

Linda said...

There are only happy mistakes in scrapping! Love how your page turned out!