Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer waves

Today I wanted to share a technique I use to make the most of my patterned paper.

I love Donna Salazar's Spring in Bloom collection. Summer is now upon us, and I still want to use it, so I decided to make some waves.

I started with this paper, called White Colored Rose:

I love the water-like quality of the blues, plus the faint words and music. I decided to use the B side for a page about our latest trip to the beach.

I first took some scrap paper and punched a bunch of borders using a wave punch. (A scallop punch would work as well.) I put the patterned paper in my fancy misting apparatus:

Yes, that's just a box.

I lay the strips across the paper in random patterns and started to mist, first with an aqua blue, then a darker turquoise, and finally a white.

(That's my son Rowan misting. He loves using any of my tools and messy stuff!)

When I removed the wavy borders, it looked like this:

After adding more papers--Antiquities Journal Cards and Spring in Bloom Springtime Ribbons--and a title, here's what the final page looks like:

I used a Pioneer Woman PSE action called Seventies to make the photos a little warmer and more subdued.

And some close-ups of the misting:

Because I could not leave well enough alone, I also stitched over the title:

So now when you have delightful spring papers like these, dig into your supplies to alter to be perfect for summer as well!


BabyBokChoy said...

Absolutely awesome misting and a perfect layout!!

curlyqmosaics said...

Beautiful layout! I love the masked waves in the background!

Beth Hallgren said...

Beautiful layout! Does your sewing machine needle get gummed up when you sew over letter stickers?