Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long time no see!

Hello, spring. Thought you were going to skip out on us this year.

Evidence of spring in my garden:

My muscari bloom, then die back, then sprout in the fall. I never cut them back, but they always come back in the spring. Even this spring, oh-so-late in coming.

These are parrot tulips, I think. There was one beautiful one in the garden when we bought the house; after a few years, I split it. Now look at all these beauties. I still have one errant one in the big garden that I can never seem to move. I always leave part of the bulb, I guess.

These are peony tulips. I got them from John Scheepers, planted them in 2002 a few weeks before Rowan was born, and look at how great they still are. I thought tulips were supposed to die after a year. Guess not! (At least from Scheepers they don't seem to die out.)

More John Scheepers tulips from 2002. I learned to take photos of flowers from my MIL: get close and eye level, if possible.

Here's an interesting thing: those last tulips seem to be naturalizing. They popped up this spring by my daffodils, clear on the other side of the garden. No clue how that happened. But I'm enjoying it, though anal-retentive me is wondering if I should dig these up to put them by the other tulips.I think I'll just let them be.


GLOANN said...

You certainly seem to have a green thumb, Jennifer. Love your pretty flowers. As for the tulips. . . they will definitely multiply and come back each year in your climate. Down here we must refrigerate them for 6 weeks before planting because the ground doesn't get cold enough. Then we can dig them up after they die down, save over the summer and then repeat the refrigerating and planting process again. Sure wish they could stay in the ground and multiply here!

Lauram said...

Beautiful photos!

Steffanie said...

Your garden is looking beautiful!

Monika Wright said...

nothing like spring flowers to put a smile on my face!

BabyBokChoy said...

Spring flowers... so beautiful... and we are back to fall :)

Lisa said...

spring flowers never fail to make me smile! our spring is well underway and all these flowers on my balcony are already over which is sad but your post has made me think that i need to go out and get more colour. happy for you that spring is there at last!