Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adding journaling strips

A couple weeks ago a reader asked about the journaling strips I add to my pages. The page I'll explain my technique on is this one:

When I was still building the page, I had a small spot on the right that I thought would be good for journaling strips:

I measured the spot, then opened up Word and typed, keeping an eye on the rulers on the right and left to ensure I kept it within the allowable space. (When measuring, make sure to leave a little space on each side to account for the space you'll have to leave when you cut them out and space them as strips.)

I then highlighted my journaling and set the spacing at 1.5, not double. This is the perfect amount for cutting journaling strips. (Note: I generally am not a font fanatic. I use Times New Roman.1.5 is perfect for that, but some big fonts need double spacing. You can eyeball it.)

I then print and cut:

My trimmer has a line so I can see just where the cut is.

I then spread them out on the page to see how I want the strips arranged before I glue them down.

After gluing, I usually draw lines around each strip for some more definition. I probably got this idea from Jen Jockisch:

And that's how I do my journaling strips!

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