Monday, April 11, 2011

Sketch Support pages

Before the day was out, I wanted to post a couple sketch support pages.

First, this link to Work in Progress Kit Club blog, where my Minnesota scrapping friend Jing-Jing wrote about 2-page design, and my February 2-page design made the cut!

Next, check out Sketch Support today--this week's 2-pager is one of my favorites. Here it is:

I wrote about my design decisions on the Sketch Support blog--check it out!

Also: if you are in Minnesota and want ready-made photo ops in the summer, go to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It's exquisite.


Brenda Johnston said...

This layout is fabulous and is going into my idea file! Love how you using the die cut calendar!

BabyBokChoy said...

You know I'm a fan of your pages regardless size or shape :) But your use of those diecut shapes in 2pagers are just SO SO SO brilliant!!!!!

And how glad we are for spring, though snow in the forecast for Friday, gaaaaaaasp...

Keshet said...

I am in LOVE with that arb page layout! Just amazing!