Monday, February 7, 2011

Warm weather memories

I met someone at CHA who had been to Minnesota a few weeks ago. She was so funny, saying, "I knew it would be cold, but the wind just hurt!" Well, today is one of those days where the wind hurts. You just sort of have to cover your face up or you will be in pain.

Days like this I like to scrap summer photos, so I dug into my pile to scrap a baseball game we saw last summer. The layout includes a lot less white space than I prefer, but I think I stayed true to my linear self regardless:

I had four photos I wanted on the LO. I probably would have made a two-pager, except I will also scrap our first game, and that one will definitely be two pages. So I did what often needs to be done: I trimmed the photos down to 4x4 to make them fit easily.

My second design decision involved product: I don't have baseball product, nor do I want to buy such specifically themed products. I have done that in the past, and I love those layouts, but I don't like how limited I am in using those supplies, so I tried something different. I picked happy, bright colors, especially the baseball green background paper. I had some red to go with our shirts (go Twins!), but I needed to make it a little less Christmasy, so I added yellow. A plethera of round things (patterned paper, brads, buttons) are suggesting baseballs without actually going there.

One final thing I did was typical for me: I included the tickets, which had some lovely pictures on them, each one different. I didn't want to adhere them, and I wanted them to be visible, so I made a little pocket (sort of) out of Grafix craft plastic. I inked the edges with Stayzon to make it visible, then I adhered it with brads.

And what made the game memorable? Some severe weather had been heading our way, so Carl Pavano did his duty and pitched a complete game win in under two hours. When we left the game, the rain came down, hard. Perfect timing!


Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

How long until Opening Day? Too long! I'm with you on the themed paper - too limiting. I have a small stash for a few themes, but it is by far in the minority.

BabyBokChoy said...

It's not THAT cold if you never go outside!! LOL!!! LOOOOOOL!!! roll eyes at myself :)

Fantastic layout with fantastic photos!