Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas photos, take 2

Judging from the photo quality on my last post, I see I shall have to blog sans photos until I get back from CHA next week. (I leave this Friday.) I can Tweet better quality photos via the iPad, though, though if you wish to see some of the goodies at CHA, please follow me on Twitter: I go by Buffyfanlarson.

Last week, I posted a layout I had done to gather all the Christmas photos I'd gathered:

Unfortunately, after I made the album, I got these:

So what's a scrapper to do? certainly not redo the page. Instead, I made use of my little used, very lonely 6x12 page protectors and created these pages:

I mildly duplicated the first page of the 2-page spread on a 6x12 page. Easy peasy! Here's how it looks in my album:

Not bad, and the memories are complete.


sillypea said...

Very clever!

Monika Wright said...

you're so smart, creative AND talented!

Jen_Jake'smom said...

very very clever!!! thanks for sharing!

suzeyq said...

Cute! Love the "mini" pages! Great idea!