Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final remnants

Here's the last few layouts that I made this year that I didn't post:

I do a popsicle layout every year, it seems. It's a sign summer is fully here when they can go out on the deck with them. And how happy am I that popsicle makes them sugar free?

I also made this page because I hadn't yet used those K & Company frames and forced myself to use them.

This was from a sketch at CK that didn't get picked up. I love love love how good my garden looks in this layout. I also like the combo of red, green, and yellow for summer pages. Lastly, I love my stitched butterfly paths. They just make me happy.

The idea behind this page will become a yearly layout for me, I think. I wrote about a challenge Rowan had the past year in school and how he worked to overcome it.

The title, which my husband came up with, is a pun on "spelling bees."

My younger son up and decided he was done with training wheels. As the journaling says, sometimes bravery is a decision. I used up remnants from my September Studio Calico kit for this. My Ella friend Donna was unsure about this border punch; I was too, but I like how it suggests wheels without getting too thematic. The stitched Algerian Eyes suggest wheel spokes even more.

This last layout was part of my submission for the Sketch Support team. (That site goes live Saturday; check it out!) I just want to point out how fresh it looks even though I am using LOTS of old product (1+ years). I adore the midair shot of my younger son leaping into the pile. The story behind it is funny; click on the bottom photo to read the journaling.

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