Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy baby to you...

In the last week Angie Lucas, the cofounder of Ella Publishing, became a mother to a baby girl! If you go to her blog and to Ella, you can see pictures of the lovely girl and the happy family. As a part of the Ella Friends, I just wanted to wish her congratulations and share some baby advice:

  1. Even the worst, most stressful nights of early baby momma-hood are a blur to me now. I didn't think that would happen at the time, but it did. The happy and funny stuff remains, though. Thank you, scrapbooking.
  2. If someone offers to baby sit for you just so you can go sleep, do it. Sleep is a precious commodity.
  3. You will see poop. In all honesty, it's all about the poop for a year. Poop is a conversation device for new parents. Go with it.
  4. You don't need many newborn clothes. 3-6 and 6-9 months, yes.
  5. You will become immune to any child's crying but your own. The only thing that will go through your head when you hear another child cry will be, "Not mine."
  6. For essential baby gear, I lived with my baby backpack--if you walk Jovie around the block, it's easier to have two free hands.
  7. Other essentials: swaddling blankets, burp clothes, one chew toy (no lie), a big stuffed animal to take monthly measurement photos against, They Might Be Giants CDs, and a few good books. Boynton are fabulous, especially Blue Hat, Green Hat, Pajama Time, Snoozers, and the Going to Bed Book.
  8. These books will come later, but my boys LOVE the books Flotsam and Cowboy and Octopus. They are so fun!
  9. If I had a baby girl, I would buy this onesie or this onesie.
Congratulations, Lucas family, and welcome little one! Here's a card I made:

The verse is one of my favorites:
"A possibility was born the day you were born, and it will live as long as you live." Marcus Solero


Monika Wright said...

Great advice and a beautiful card. And who would have thought that one day we would consider talk of poop a real conversation.

Keshet said...

Love the card!

Diana said...

And you said you don't make cards! This one is marvelous.
I am SO stealing that quote for a page for my babies' albums.

Angie Lucas said...

What a beautiful quote, Jennifer! And this advice is fantastic. You should make a layout with these words for your own albums! (Of course, remove the Lucas-specific references first.) This shares the wisdom you gained as a new mom, and your kids will love reading that one day!!! (p.s., you're very right! We talk about poop a LOT around here now. :)

Anonymous said...

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